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Natur Paradise Faq


This is a compilation of thefrecuently asked questions that, in our experience, may arise during your visit to our store on-line.


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Faqsin Natur Paradise


I cannot buy. I'm having troubles surfing the web.


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Is there a minimum order?

There isn't a minimum order.

Can i order being particular?


Yes, and if you have a commerce, look special conditions for shops. Special conditions for professionals, register and get important discounts.


How do i order?


While browsing the web, you can add items to your order and send it to us after register or login with your username and password. For a good reception of the order, it is necesary to make the record with all data correct and clear.


Can you send me a catalog and a price list?


Catalogs are not available because we are always receiving novelties. You can see it in our website.


Do you have any shop or representative that visit me?


Yes, Acevi√Īos 7, st; you can visit any of our women fashion shop, where you can check our products quality and make your order.


Which are the opening hours of the Shop?


Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 18:00 (GMT)


Can i pick the order up by myself?


We prefer to send it by post service, but if you are in Canary Islands, and wait for preparing it, we can notify you the cost when the order is ready and pick it up in our store, bearing in mind opening hours.


Which is the order delivery time?


Between 7 and 10 days, aproximately, we send you an e-mail notifying the confirmation of the order and cost of it including freight collect. Once trasfer is made, the order will come home between 48h and 60h. When your order is prepared, Natur Paradise send you an e-mail and a SMS. You can see in the e-mail the final invoice where we indicate products out of stock if they do.


Can i modify an order?



We are greatful if orders are closed. If you want to add some articles to the order when you receive the confirmation, please make another order, indicating it is an added order and you want to unify them in one dispatch.

If you want to remove some articles of the order or annul it, please do it by phone or e-mail so rapid as you can to avoid delay in the management.


Do you have all products in stock?

Generally so, but sometime a product can be out of stock.


Can i check color and product stock?


We prefer to take note about your order, prepare it and notify you about colors and products out of stock before send it. Our stock changes continuosly so we can't guarantee a product will be in stock tomorrow.


Can i make a reserve?


We can retain your order till 15 days after prepare it an notify you. We don't save part of an order.


Will I be warned when you get a paper run out?


Unfortunately we can not save the remains of orders or notify customers when we enter an item in stock. continuously from the manufacturer and our stock changes daily. If requested, after preparing the order can alert you to articles and color print.
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What methods of payment do you accept?

We have two methods of payment.


    Deposit or bank transfer.


    A) Bank transfer.

    The most common and cheapest is by transferring the exact amount and the account number is provided once the order is placed.

    To expedite the shipment, it is very important to fax: 922388004
    "Proof of your income. , Indicating the invoice number or customer name.

    B) Payment Gateway:
    The payment is made through bank visa march



Is VAT included in prices?

    No. We charge from the Canary Islands and we have another tax system. Our invoices not subject to VAT.

    Peninsula customers account for VAT when they receive the order for the post office. Our customers Canary billed with VAT included


Sends orders How?


Usually by the post:

A) Certified urgent letter, up to 2 kilos, it usually takes two to three days and the cost (up to 2 kilos) is ‚ā¨ 7.16 within Spanish territory, and 20 ‚ā¨ in the European Union.

B) Express Parcel Post, up to 20 kilos, take 3 or 4 days.
C) Paquetr√≠a Blue: 5 ‚ā¨, up to 20 kilos.
Occasionally orders may be promoted.


Will I always charge postage?


Shipping charges will be included in the invoice, unless your order exceeds 200 ‚ā¨, and the payment either by deposit or transfer to this case, send your order free of charge, within Spanish territory, when the packet does not exceed 2 kilos¬†weight, and we will send by Express Post Certified.

International Shipping. May be sent to countries within the European Community and other countries that support the post office Spain: Certified Urgent or Postal Express (EMS). Expenditure charged to the customer.




By placing an order in confirms that you agree with the general conditions.


What steps have to continue to buy algin article?


The items in our catalog of fashion are divided into different categories and collections. Each item is labeled with its reference, size, color, and price drive sales.
Once in each category will see the wide variety of models.
Clicking on each photo will be larger. and wish to purchase the item, simply click add and choose the amount, size and color to selected wholesale apparel.
Anytime you can see your order in women's fashion products by clicking on "View Cart".
Once your purchase, click "View Cart" and complete purchase. You will get another screen where you enter all your data as a wholesaler.
After entering your order will fashionable woman with the data for testing and if they are correct you must click "Confirm Order".
At this point, you receive an order number and your purchase is already made. Please note the order number or print.





if a new customer, click "Shopping Cart" and "Register." It will take you to a form to collect your contact information, you must specify if the individual or company.
It is important to give us your e-mail and mobile phone number so we can send alerts when your order is ready.

When you complete your registration, you receive an e-mail with your registration details (username and password) with which you can place orders directly on the web. All data are treated according to the terms of the lopd 15/99 (organic law of data protection) of personal character.

Your personal data will be included sending a file to process your orders and shipments and inform you of offers and news.

The customer may at any time exercise their right of cancellation or rectification of their personal data by sending an email to The details of your credit card are processed only on a secure server and never have access to them




The customer has seven days from the date of receipt of the request for the return. the receipt of the message or document showing proof of date e-mail that is enough. only the product can be returned intact to be used for subsequent sale and never an order that either used

Return shipping costs are paid by the customer.

if the shipping address provided by the client is incorrect or incomplete or the failure to collect repayment leads to costs, these costs are borne by the customer.
Orders Natur leave Paradise reviewed, well packed and protected to prevent breakage.
Natur paradise accept returns of merchandise with manufacturing defects, customer telephone notice and consent of Natur Paradise sending the refund by certified or Express Post, stating your customer name and invoice number.

Natur Paradise pay the amount upon receipt of returned merchandise.

Thank check your order before you confirm this, yet in terms of merchandise ordered, sizes, colors and quantities, to avoid errors and returns. All returns must be authorized in advance by Natur Paradise



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